Webmin runs out of RAM, swap, due to /usr/share/webm

I have an internet VPS Cloudmin connecting to a Virtualbox VM at home, via ZeroTier. This cycles in every few minutes, the /usr/share/webm process eats all RAM and swap in a few minutes. Cloudmin connects to both SSH and Webmin in Managed Systems, but nobody is logged in from the browser so the theme is not displayed anywhere. This is a 20.04 VM - I am installing an 18.04 on a different box and update tomorrow, but anyone have any idea what is going on?

UPDATE: I disconnected from Cloudmin, and /usr/share/webm stops eating resources. Also, on the 18.04 this is not an issue.

UPDATE: I installed Debian 9 and no issues. So the cause is somewhere with Ubuntu 20.04. I consider this solved.

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