Webmin refuses to start on boot

I’m having to get Webmin started at each boot by running /etc/webmin/start in command line. I’ve had a look in boot up/shut down section and tried to set it there but the settings keep reverting to ‘no’ for start on boot. I’ve also tried to set it in main Webmin configuration page but again the settings won’t save, they keep reverting to ‘no’ for start on boot.
This is a fresh install on CentOS 7

Any suggestions where I should look next?


What distro/version is it that you’re using there?


CentOS 7.0.1406

Webmin 1.730

Virtualmin 4.13.gpl

Same issue on another server I’ve just set up with CentOS 7. Also, I can’t get Webmin to save as DNS server in networking. Everytime networking or server is restarted, the entry is gone/