Webmin password reset and Ubuntu 22.04

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 18.04.6 running under Azure
Webmin version 7.3-1 Pro

I need to upgrade our webmin/vmin server to Ubuntu 22.04 (from Ubuntu 18.04, via 20.04) soon but I’ve heard about some people having problems with the webmin user password reset module with fresh installs of vmin under Ubuntu 22.04.

I really need the user password self reset module/page to work because we have hundreds of users and I’d be spending a considerable amount of time just resetting users passwords if the user password reset page failed to work after the upgrade. Has this bug been fixed now or does it only apply to new (not upgraded) ubuntu/vmin installs somehow?

Maybe I’d be better off upgrading it to Ubuntu 20.04 and sticking with that until 24.04?

I don’t know about such a bug. Can you direct me to a thread or an open ticket about it?

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Hi Joe

Yes, I should’ve included that in my original post sorry.

Sorry, I was going to look into this issue but got distracted with myriads of other tasks to accomplish. I will really try to have a closer look at this issue over the weekend.

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Thanks Ilia!

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