Webmin Modules within Virtualmin menu - changeable?

On the left hand side, there is a selection in the menu title “Webmin Modules” in Virtualmin. I was hoping that it would show all enabled webmin modules for the user, but alas it does not.

Is there a screen to set which modules show up there? I’d like to turn off the webmin tab, so that all modules show in in Virtualmin.

Click on ‘configure this page’ in the upper right of the content page and look at the following settings:

Default mode on left menu (virtualmin)

Apply to all users?

Show Webmin tab on left menu?

There indeed seem to be a few bugs at play here.

a) Not all Webmin modules show up in Vmin’s “Webmin Modules” list, e.g. “Linux RAID” and “ADSL Client” (that’s two of those I tested) show up only when I set the left-menu mode to “Webmin”.

b) When I change the available modules for server owners, under System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Server administrator permissions : Extra Webmin modules…, the changes are (at least partially) not applied to existing Webmin users. Same examples as above… “Linux RAID” and “ADSL Client”, which I activated as a test, were not turned on for existing Webmin users although Update all Webmin users was set to “Yes”. I had to turn off and on the feature “Webmin login” for the domain in question, and then the newly created Webmin user had the correct module rights set.

I’ll create a bug report concerning this.