Webmin Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition

CentOs 8.4:
Webmin 1.981:

Hi, not sure if post should be here or in general discussion. I found 3rd party webmin modules for Minecraft Java edition and Bedrock edition. The latter wouldnt install at all. Minecraft Java did install and interface came up. Just couldnt do anything beyond there, assume because it hasnt been updated or completed for later versions. From what I saw, the options available and how it ‘could’ work - excellent. Just what I need, point and click including backup options.

Anyone got the Bedrock version working with similar features? I really wish more webmin modules for games could be developed or people share own work. Needed for people like me who are not coders :). Anyway, I really want bedrock working via webmin similar to the java edition with options. Any feedback appreciated or links for me to investigate.

It’s fine to ask here. It’s a Webmin question.

But, I have no idea about the Minecraft module. Jamie wrote it years ago when his kids were into Minecraft. No idea what’s happened with it since. Looks like someone else did some dev in 2020 (which I guess is the “Besrock” edition you’re talking about), you might check to see if they have a github or something where you can open an issue about it.

Yeah Jamie did but then stopped. Andrew Vodenik adapted it for Bedrock and updated a new module. Website used at the time cant be reached and looks like update went dead a while back. No files available so guess nobody can pick this up even if they wanted to. The original module by Jamie looked brilliant. I wish it will be reinstated someday.

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