Webmin Logs showing actions for different entry

Webmin 1.994
VirtualMin 7.1
RedHat 7

more testing of the new VirtualMin 7.1

Not sure if this post should be in Webmin or Virtualmin …

I have added some custom code in several modules, such as save_domain_php_mode in php-lib.pl with

                if (&has_command("chcon")) {
                        &webmin_log("SELinux context change in save_domain_php_mode", "WVNET-custom",
                                "etc_t for $inidir/php.ini");
                        &system_logged("chcon -v --type=etc_t " .
                                "$inidir/php.ini" .
                                " >/dev/null 2>&1");

the issue is, when I view these entries in Webmin – Webmin Actions Log, the Executed Command shown for the logged Action is not for that actual entry, but for the next Action entry in the logs :slight_smile:

when I remove the webmin_log call, the system_logged items show up as part of the larger Created Virtual Server entry and all is well.

am I calling the routines incorrectly? Maybe my call to webmin_log is messing up other info ‘on the stack’? If so is there an easy fix?

In all cases the actual action I desire is getting accomplished !!

Or am I not understanding how to use/read the Actions Log panel?

Or I should not bother to make an individual log entry for my custom actions since the actual cmd I am doing is in the larger post :slight_smile:

Or is this a bug?


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