Webmin is Ten Years Old Today!

Howdy all,

Webmin, the core upon which all of this Virtualmin stuff is built, was first released to the world on October 3rd, 1997. During those ten years, Webmin has slowly but surely become the worlds most popular web-based system administration tool, installed on millions of machines and used by government, Fortune 100 companies, all the major UNIX systems manufactures and several Linux distributions,
and you.

I cornered Jamie and asked him some questions about the history of Webmin, and this interview at In the Box ( http://inthebox.webmin.com/webmin-at-10 ) (In the Box is the new official Webmin developer blog) is the result.

We’ll be celebrating with new T-shirts with the new Webmin logo and publishing several articles about some of the new ideas we’re working on in Webmin in the new blog.

Thanks for being a part of Webmins history. The next ten years are going to be even better.

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Huge Thanks,
to Jamie and Joe for their continued efforts!
Awesome, here is to 10 more years of success!