Webmin interface bonding and virtual servers [solved]


Is it a way to have all virtual servers switching to a bonded interface on a failover mode?

I have a server at office running virtualmin with few virtual servers and i’ve setup a dyndns for it, so, external workers can acces it and do their collaborative works… However, it happen that the internet connection is falling down, so, i want to setup another internet connection (the other one is cable, i would take a fiber one for the backup, so, less chances to loose everything at the same time).

I have 2 ethernet cards, so, i want to keep my eth0 as main one and to setup eth1 as failover backup…

There’s already everything for it in webmin but in virtualmin, i can not bind a virtual server on 2 ip at the same time, so, i dont know how to achieve it.

If someone can give some suggestions. I will appreciate.

If someone is seeking for the same solution, dont loose your time trying to play with the system. Just buy a dual wan router that support failover… Few minutes and you are done :wink: