Webmin install for Ubunu 18.04

Is there any ETA when the installer script will support Ubuntu 18.04?


It would be nice to have an install.sh Virtualmin script for Ubuntu 18.04.


Have you tried installing webmin on 18.04 via the .deb file for debian?

Not yet !
Previously, I install this .deb on Ubuntu 17.10, but not yet test on 18.04.

Does the .deb make that all dependencies (LAMP, Apache Modules, etc) will be installed too ?


Are you talking webmin or virtualmin? This is webmin sub section so thought you meant that. I just installed webmin via the .deb and it had no issues except the usual ‘apt install -f’ to install dependencies. Although now I see your link is talking about virtualmin.

Looks like 18.04 no longer uses /etc/network/interfaces. Which is major change so I dont suspect virtualimin will be supported for quite a while.

I actually meant virtualmin.

What would happen if I upgrade an working Ubuntu16.04 virtualmin installation to 18.04? Would virtualmin still work?

What would happen if I upgrade an working Ubuntu16.04 virtualmin installation to 18.04? Would virtualmin still work?

While this could work its highly possible that you will encounter several problems during and after the upgrade to new OS version. Best would be to take a separate server, install whatever OS you want and then proceed to install Virtualmin and restore “old” server. In this way if you encounter some problem it will not bring all your websites down and you will have plenty of time to sort everything (and in peace). This is all valid even in case that Virtualmin supports new Ubuntu 18.04.

With every major OS release there are too many things that changes so that alone would be one giant red flag to not do on live/production server, let alone that Virtualmin at least not officially doesnt support Ubuntu 18.04. However you still have time and no need to rush with new OS as Ubuntu 16.04 will go EOL at beginning of 2021. Plus Ubuntu 20.04 (future LTS version) will be out in 2020 so you could literally skip 18.04 if there is no REAL(!) need for new OS.

P.S. Do not handle the server in the same way as your home computer because in most/many cases you actually dont need to jump on each new OS release… well at least not as soon as the new version comes out. Actually it is advisable to wait several months before the switch and give time for developer to “iron” out all potential bugs. To have a server that works stable and secure is more important than anything else, including few new “perks” you get with never OS.