Webmin emails for scheduled backups or background monitoring dont send on DEBIAN

OS type and version DEBIAN 10
Webmin version 1.991

This issue happens on ovh vps and amazon vps always with debian10. when installing virtualmin via official script, the emails are not sent for backups, background monitoring (and the send test message in webmin configuration>sending email.=

the solution : debian dont correctly write the host name. find your hostname (the one that resolve like vps-XXXXXXX.vps.ovh.net) and ssh :
sudo hostnamectl set-hostname vps-XXXXXXX.vps.ovh.net (replace with your hostname)

restart server
and voilà… the emails are sent now.

big thanks to you for this wonderful forum and quality of your panel. i’m discovering after centos went to paradise with my plesk panel.

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