Webmin Email alias vs Virtualmin Email forwarding

This tutorial http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/tutorial/how-to-setup-email-forwarding implies that it is only possible to forward an email for a an account which has its own mailbox.

I am moving a Webmin setup onto a Virtualmin setup. The old Webmin setup has mail aliases on a virtual server for fowarding various emails coming to that domain on to various email addresses, even where no mailbox or user has been set up on the Webmin virtual domain. For example, john@mydomain.com is forwarded to john@hotmail.com via an alias, and jane@mydomain.com is forwarded to j.smith@gmail.com but there is no user or mailbox ‘john’ or ‘jane’ on the Webmin virtual server for mydomain.com.

When migrating that Webmin setup to my new Virtualmin server, do I need to set up a mailbox for each of these incoming email addresses? Or will mail get fowarded to the forwarding addresses simply by transferring the aliases across from the old Webmin server, without creating a mailbox for each incoming address?


There’s multiple ways to setup forwarding.

That document tries to cover a common way that folks want to do it, but setting up a forward using an alias will also work just fine.

Virtualmin has an area called “Edit Mail Aliases” – and when you create a mail alias, you can specify a local account for it to deliver to, or you can specify an email alias you want it to forward to.