Webmin documentation site down

I needed to read up on some specific backup settings but http://doxfer.webmin.com/Webmin is down. That is the docs you refer to on the Webmin.com site:

So what do we do?


Thanks for the heads up. @Joe is working on fixing it. It will take some time though. Sorry about that!

LOL, my first issue with a fast dev response… no offense… thanks.

It’s already been weeks…

Sorry, y’all, our servers are pretty much falling apart. The one it was running on is 8 years old (the others are 11 years old). I’m moving docs to a new VM now. I hope to have it running by tonight.

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still down :frowning: any news or is there some alternative, maybe a PDF version or a mirror of the documentation?

I understand that this happens, but that statement does not inspire a whole lot of confidence in the system

@magenbrot et al, here’s an archive.org link:

@Joe, do you need some help?

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I too volunteer to be part of the crowdsource team to assist with this.