Webmin DNS config (AXFR and DNSSEC)

**Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
**OS version: 1.981

Hi, I’m trying repair problems from notices on Zonemaster.
I’ve got two of them which I can’t solve.

  1. "NAMESERVER NOTICE Nameserver domain/IP allow zone transfer using AXFR."
    It’s mean that my secondary server is allowing AXFR transfers from anyone? I changed WEBMIN/SERVERS/BIND DNS Server → Zone defaults : Allow transfers from listed…
    And I’ve got the same NOTICE from Zonemaster test.

My second problem is:
DNSSEC WARNING DNSKEY with tag 9952 and using algorithm 8 (RSA/SHA-256) has a size (1280) smaller than the recommended one (2048).

WEBMIN/SERVERS/BIND DNS Server → Zone defaults : Initial key size from Average size to other size in bits (2048)
and notihig got better.

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