Webmin confused about network connections "on-boot", "currently active" and "actual" configuration when interfaces contain a - ( dash ) leading to network config corruption

OS type and version CentOS 7 - latest stable
Webmin version 1.994
Usermin version 1.840
Virtualmin version 7.1
Authentic theme version 19.93.1

Somehow it seems Webmin is unable to parse my “complicated” network setup. I have a couple of servers that are connected with dual interfaces. The first interface connects to the public internet, the second interface to a private network. Then there are a few servers that are not part of the private network, these are linked in via a VPN Mesh.

on the public interface there is no ip, it is linked to a bridge that holds the public ip. on this bridge there is a second interface ( vlan 110 ) that links this public interface through to the internal interface. I do the same for multiple other networks. The bridges function as the hookup points for the virtual machines i am running on my networks. This way i am able to (live)migrate hosts based on there specific load requirements without the need to modify their network configs. it looks something like this:

The bright green interfaces are all static, and as such configured using ifcfg-XX files. these interfaces work as expected, start on boot as configured and nmcli lists them correctly as can be seen below.

NAME             UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE
br-wan10         4dcf72cc-1be2-462b-879b-b3180b7020da  bridge    br-wan10
br04             c59208b5-9f50-442d-ae9c-a9c030ea5a20  bridge    br04
br06             150b3342-987c-5ed1-d3db-3b9fe1323f57  bridge    br06
br10             d65c080c-7135-4316-9ac1-388a9308b1ea  bridge    br10
br112            bca836c4-0082-444f-ace9-1ae3b9f43679  bridge    br112
br-lanmesh       898e8c24-29e8-4ad2-8d3a-177ef7b50ed4  bridge    br-lanmesh
br-wan04         55ead102-55d0-40f3-adc0-513b0ed6039c  bridge    br-wan04
br-wan06         0768a7c4-e467-49e2-b2bc-d54d62c88054  bridge    br-wan06
br-wan08         97c23a8f-bfdf-4c4c-bee5-a306f5255cf4  bridge    br-wan08
br-wan112        5093e0aa-ae69-4f4a-b90f-7115ca8931b1  bridge    br-wan112
br-wan120        89dca512-2548-45da-820d-f864a07f7a97  bridge    br-wan120
br-wan50         72bcb6dc-c719-44ea-bec3-631eb0abf02c  bridge    br-wan50
br-wanmesh       7ce3206e-d36d-4563-a2dc-2c358998b8b3  bridge    br-wanmesh
enp3s0f1         35eacaac-0321-4f11-9dcc-37ee2207a7e4  ethernet  enp3s0f1
enp3s0f0         9c69011a-b7b2-4095-bdb2-c022aca40daf  ethernet  enp3s0f0
enp3s0f1.10      10a34613-d580-40ca-a691-778ea9fb6d7a  vlan      enp3s0f1.10
enp3s0f1.110     d276e264-5dd2-4026-abba-1e7e8d145604  vlan      enp3s0f1.110
enp3s0f1.112     86151d24-a83b-475d-afea-f7c14c77150a  vlan      enp3s0f1.112
enp3s0f1.120     b9979939-4a65-48be-83e6-3d6775dec758  vlan      enp3s0f1.120
enp3s0f1.4       994f4907-49cf-4551-9a40-b3157f771421  vlan      enp3s0f1.4
enp3s0f1.50      0d9eb17f-1b3f-4bf4-8e8e-ad8face77533  vlan      enp3s0f1.50
enp3s0f1.6       4e91b8ef-cd95-f1d0-7068-5b77001904c5  vlan      enp3s0f1.6
enp0s20f0u9u3c2  2cd030d7-3d41-4b32-94fc-ecb0d3ffec07  ethernet  --

Eventhough all this seems to be correct, Virtualmin seems a bit confused:

All interfaces that have a - ( dash ) in their name are not recognized or listed, the options ( like on boot / or interface type vlan ) are alternating too. On the interfaces currently active these are listed, though they can not be “edited”. If i edit any of the connections that are recognized, webmin corrupts the entire network config ( multiple ifcfg files ) by placing options with empty multilined " ( double quotes ) and the files have to be re-created from scratch. what i mean with multilined:

… / /… etc

Is this a bug? or… what is going on?


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