Webmin cannot run on Port80?

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I tried changing Webmin’s port from default to 80 via miniserv.
I did a save and reboot.
I observed the login page does not launch.
I could change to other port#s and things start working again.

Issue: I would like to point a domain(on an intranet) to Webmin, and I dont want users to be asking me for port-numbers over and over again.

Or is there a better work-around


Admin.yourdomain.tld for Virtualmin instead of port 10000


Webmail.yourdomain.tld for Usermin instead of port 20000

Presumably you already have something running on port 80.

Webmin runs fine on any port…but the port has to be available.

As calport mentioned, the usual solution in a Virtualmin system is to use the automatically generated redirects on admin, which are setup in Apache or nginx for domains created in Virtualmin.

If you’re not using Virtualmin, but you are hosting websites (I assume you are, if port 80 is in use), you could add similar redirects, yourself. Or you could setup Webmin to run behind your web server via proxying (this is much more complicated to setup than simply redirecting, and probably should only be undertaken if port 10000 is unavailable): Running Webmin Under Apache - Webmin Documentation



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