Webmin / apache, I have 2.2, want 2.4 in freebsd

apache stopped development of version 2.2 in year 2018. but webmin still defaults and errors due to webmin config directory set to 2.2 by default which requires edits on all new webmin installs. isn’t it time to adjust that on your end webmin developers to 2.4. or maybe you can make the software search for apache* and if 2+ apache installs were found in directory structure then webmin shows a screen to allow user to select which one the user wants.

Umm, I use Webmin + Virtualmin. I have Apache 2.4.

Which OS do you use? Which version of Webmin? Did you install it as per the requirements outlined in the official documentation or was Apache 2.2 installed on your system before you installed Webmin?

All current versions.
Its been this way in the freebsd package for many years.
Maybe another person is in charge if its the freebsd package?

Yes, there is an independently maintained FreeBSD Virtualmin package in ports. You’d need to report the issue to them.

It is configurable, however. There is nothing hardcoded. Just tell Webmin where to look for your Apache config files in Server->Apache->module configuration (click the gear icon in the upper corner).

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