Webmin and Virtualmin Admin users

OS type and version Ubuntu 18
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.7
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How do I create and provide Webmin Admin users to my support team members so that they will be able to do the following.
Create Delete Disable Enable Virtual Servers
SSL Certificate updates
File Manager complete access (so that they can edit config files, troubleshooting …etc)
Backup and Restore Virtual servers
Start and Stop services…etc
Basically ALL of the admin access, BUT they should not be able to do the following.
Changing root user password
Root Terminal from Webmin interface disabled
This way I can audit the Webmin action logs.
Any help appreciated.

The only way I can think of is via Reseller Account (pro version)

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Have you looked at Webmin > Webmin Users? Highly configurable but not sure how far it goes. I log in ‘non-root’ and can manage virtual servers.

thanks for the input But Pro version also doesn’t seems to be have this specific option I am looking.

thanks, and Yes I created Webmin users with only few modules the way I want, I can disable Terminal module so that the user cannot use the Webim Root Terminal, 50% is done and another 50% is that the user should be able to SSH to do some admin works but they should not be able to change Root account

If they have this, they can change the root password and anything else on the system, including granting themselves access to the Terminal, login via ssh, or any other thing on the system. Everything that would prevent them from doing those things is configured in files that would be accessible to a user with unlimited access to the File Manager.

Thanks for the input Joe, and I adjusted a few settings as per my reqiurements.
Now, How do I disable Backup and Restore option for a Webmin User ?

Don’t give them access to the module?


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I have already disabled these and But still users able to see and access and modify the Backup and Restore from Virtualmin

@ID10T you should readjust your settings. They are not optimized.

I think these are the defaults. Mostly a personal server and I have no problems. :wink:

But, I’ll look.

Nothing wrong with default settings, but after installing Virtualmin it is better to review system settings, especially:

• Account plans
• Server templates
• Virtualmin configuration

If you are sending mail, take a look at Postfix Mail Server, Dovecot in Webmin. You should change a few settings there also to suit your needs.

Webmin » Fail2ban » Filter Action Jails – increase penalty duration. Our postfix got attacked 1 100 times with brute force. The default penalty is 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes did not stop them from repeating the same attack. I changed to 10 years so we don’t have any problems with those 2 IPs and reported those IPs to their service provider (also got banned from their service).

Backup and Restore configuration doesn’t have what I am looking.
If we disable Termial and FileManager…etc modules for a webmin user/group They will not be able to see the options from their login and which is working fine.
Like this, I want to completely disable the Backup and Resore option for the webmin users.
Can we do this ?


in any other ways we can achieve this please let me know.

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