Webmin 2.011 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out Webmin version 2.011 to all repos.

Changes since 2.003:

  • Add ability to set shell character encoding and set TERM environmental variable in the new Terminal module
  • Add support for editing network interfaces in include files for Debian systems
  • Add various improvements to the old good Framed Theme
  • Fix to change Gray Framed Theme name to Framed Theme
  • Fix to verify and close WebSocket session, if parent session was closed
  • Fix to remove RC4 from the list of strong ciphers
  • Fix don’t fail LDAP user or group deletion, if they have already been deleted
  • Fix error handling in MySQL/MariaDB Database server module when executing SQL commands
  • Fix adding an extra server attachment field and other bugs in Read User Mail module
  • Fix the link to release notes for Rocky Linux
  • Fix issues with freezing and thawing dynamic reverse zones in BIND DNS Server module
  • Fix bugs for modules granting anonymous access
  • Fix mailbox_idle_check_interval option related bugs in Dovecot module sourceforge.net#5602
  • Fix to use correct extension for package file when upgrading Webmin webmin/authentic-theme#1633
  • Update the Authentic theme to the latest version
  • Fixed bugs in 2.003 that broke the new Terminal module

Changes since 2.001:

  • Add a new Terminal module (interactive shell)
  • Add a new setup-repos.sh script to setup Webmin repos
  • Add to replace old Gray Theme with Virtualmin Framed Theme
  • Add systemd improvements
  • Add proper support for openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed
  • Add Linux Lite support
  • Fix connecting to external IPv6 LDAP server
  • Fix self-signed certificate generation
  • Fix setting hostname using hostnamectl command on systemd systems
  • Fix to exclude sensors with unknown temperatures
  • Fix for FreeBSD to support Let’s Encrypt certificates requests
  • Fix to support attachment filenames with slash in them

As always, let us know about any problems in a new topic here in the forum or github issue.



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