Webmin 1.999 is missing from Virtualmin repo - is it compatible?

I see there are several newer versions of webmin at webmin.com with the latest being 1.999

The VirtualMin repo only has 1.994-1. Have you had a chance to test the newer webmin releases and its OK to install them from the webmin repo, or must I hold off until the VirtualMin repo gets a newer (vetted) version?


Jamie and I are having a small chat here over 1.999. Perhaps, we will release 1.999-2 for Virtualmin users with a teeny-tiny modifications to address restarts for older versions of Webmin that were started outside of systemd.

Meanwhile, if you download rpm or deb package of Webmin 1.999 and install it using package manager in console, all will be working just fine. The easier though would be to wait. We are planning to wrap this up within next hours. All code is checked in and being reviewed for 1.999-2.

I went to look for 1.999 and noticed some of my systems did not list it via YUM LIST.

I just made a new forum posting about possible issues with my repo definitions.

That is, one repo does have 1.999-2 available now, but another does not.

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