Webmin 1.942 for all repos

Howdy all,

Now that repo publishing is working automatically across all repos again, I’ve pushed Webmin version 1.942 for all distributions/versions. This release is a minor bugfix release, and most of the changes are for CentOS 8, so it won’t make a lot of difference for most users, but it does have some theme updates and language updates.



I installed the update too.
I noticed that it seemingly installes Authenthic Theme 19.46 again. I was on 19.47 (latest stable), thats why I noticed that.
Its not really an issue for me, but I thought it might be worth mentioning it.
Because if its possible to include 19.47 into it then it should help others since they get the newer version for that too.

Webmin ships as a package that includes Authentic theme. If you installed an update to the theme independent of that, it’s outside the control/awareness of the package manager.

There will be another Webmin release sometime not too long from now, which always includes the latest Authentic version.

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