Webmin 1.942 available for CentOS distros

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out devel release 1.942 of Webmin to the CentOS repos. This one is for adding CentOS 8 support, so it’s not urgent for Debian/Ubuntu users, but will come as soon as I finish getting my apt repo management tools working again.

Changes since 1.942:

  • Changes added to insure restarting Webmin actually happens (CentOS 8 exhibited weird behavior that led to Webmin being in an unusable state pretty regularly because it’d leave zombie processes…this may or may not be entirely fixed).
  • Beta Google translated strings (I don’t remember which languages). Ilia wrote a tool to auto-translate every string in Webmin using Google Translate. Beta testers report good results, so I think one or two of those languages are included here. More will come in future releases.

As always let us know about any bugs or problems.


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