Webmin 1.871 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out a minor bugfix release of Webmin, which addresses a couple of theme problems in the 1.870 release. This actually still contains a somewhat older version of the theme, and so you probably want to use the theme updater (in Theme Configuration at the bottom of the page) to update to the latest version after installation.

Changes since 1.870:

  • Authentic Theme bugfixes. Specifically, the CPU freakout when the system has no swap memory configured has been fixed.

As always, file bugs if you find bugs. There’s an Authentic project tag in our issue tracker, and there’s also public github issue tracker for it here (which is preferable, if you have a github account): https://github.com/authentic-theme/authentic-theme/issues



Oops. I was wrong. This release doesn’t actually contain the fix for the no-swap CPU bug in Authentic theme. A new release will happen today to fix that.

The theme??

Are you always to platform your software on a third party?

I have no idea what you’re asking? What third party?

The theme. You guys have a hard on about it but you leave the dev out of your control.

Always problems, is it officially out of Alpha yet?

As usual, webmin and it’s history. fk up and sort the mess afterwards.

Bit like Iran. Complain and bam.

I guess you missed this: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/38023

Ilia has been working for Virtualmin for a couple of years now. Jamie and I communicate with him nearly daily. If you don’t like Authentic, use something else. But, Authentic is a better theme than any I’ve ever built, and Ilia is able to focus on it almost exclusively, so it moves a lot faster than anything I could build.

We are human. We make mistakes sometimes.

You know what I am on about Joe.

Keep it inhouse.

BTW your bootstraps were doing fine.

It is in-house. Ilia has been working for Virtualmin for years. Are you saying you’ll only be happy if only me or Jamie write code and nobody else? How can that possibly be sustainable? There are about a million lines of code, altogether. Even with Ilia helping with the UI, and Jamie being superhuman, we’re probably understaffed by at least half.

Ilia is part of the Webmin team, and Authentic is the default theme in all Webmin projects (with very good reason). If there are bugs in Authentic, report them. They’ll get fixed.

And, if you think my old bootstrap theme was a good direction, you’re more than welcome to fork it and start doing releases. I’ll even help (mostly with advice and getting you up to speed on the codebase, I don’t have free time to devote to UI code right now). There was some good backend development in the bootstrap theme that I plan to bring into Webmin core during the 2.0 branch this year, but, the front end is now pretty much all on Ilia’s plate. He simply does a better job of it than I could given the limits on my time and my limited UI experience.

Ilia and Authentic is the best thing to happen to Webmin in years, and the huge increase in userbase seems to be pretty good evidence the community agrees (Virtualmin active installs increased by more than 50% since Authentic became the default theme…the biggest annual growth in many years).

Joe sry for being grumpy especially as its a new year and I have personally donated hundreds to Ilia in his dev of it.

Can we old timers always have the thought and comfort that an old theme will always be there even when we support the way forward as proclaimed.

Virtualmin Framed theme won’t stick around forever, but it won’t go away until there’s a good alternative that is a suitable replacement on a couple of fronts, particularly accessibility (Authentic is still weaker than the old themes for users of screen readers). I plan to work on the replacement as part of the Webmin 2.0 branch. The replacement will be a very simple traditional HTML theme; very little JavaScript (just the basic stuff that Framed Theme currently has). But, it’ll have a modern stylesheet, probably Bootstrap derived.

Just to keep things in perspective: I’m very happy with Authentic and Virtualmin in general. I am an old timer too…