Webmin 1.844 released

Howdy all,

I have rolled Webmin 1.844 into the Virtualmin repositories. This is a minor release to fix a couple of small bugs found during Virtualmin 6.0 testing and development, and also happens to include a pretty big cool new feature.

Changes since 1.840:

  • Update of Authentic Theme to the latest version
  • HTML validation fixes in a number of forms
  • Experimental phpini module for editing PHP configuration files (beta; lightly tested)

As always, let us know of any problems you find, and if you like what we’re doing, consider purchasing a Virtualmin Pro subscription to support our ongoing work.




thanks for the 1.844 update, but there is one silly facility for people using eg. Canonical Livepatch for latest Ubuntu.

Canonical Livepatch uses couple mounted partitions with 100% data on it, previous Webmin releases didn’t indicate it in System Information page, but now it looks bad with all that False positives information: https://ibb.co/i8eXDF

All about used 100% on partition: https://ibb.co/cZZtLv however, that’s fine for Canonical Livepatch

Is possible to disable it? or add some options for those with similar issue to disable it?


Hi, like I already commented on the GitHub, yes you can.

Theme is hackable and has extensions. Add the following to theme’s extension (JavaScript):

$(function() { $('div.alert:contains("filesystem mounted")').remove(); });

However, I think, Jamie is going to consider it to be a bug and will fix it.

…and now I actually wonder, where are the nice styled alerts in your case. You have it all plain text, while I see it as blocks in yellow:


  • I love it - can you somehow incorporate this news fo readme.md on repo? - please!

  • thanks for other devs…and me :slight_smile:

Ilia - man can you remove that notification tab on your right? I see it each time when I log in…there is no need for notification tab at all - besides you do updates and in each login it will fail and detects all packages updated as it they need to update… its fundamentally wrong but - erhm just remove it otherwise most of us will stay with apt update commands. - thankis.

Please! What is the file to edit?

There’s a button in the Theme Configuration labeled “Theme Extensions”. Click it.

ok theme configuration> Theme Extensions>/etc/webmin/authentic-theme/scripts.js here?