Webmin 1.831 released

Howdy all,

I’ve rolled out Webmin 1.831 to correct some missing Authentic Theme files that led to a few different symptoms; for some users it caused a blank screen after upgrade, and for everyone it caused some odd looking pages in a few places (mostly in File Manager). It also updates the version of Authentic Theme to include a few other bugfixes.

As always, let us know about any bugs you find.



Thank you!

Just to let you know, on Centos 7 after the update Webmin part in CP would not load and was stuck with endless loading (well for me anything more than 20-30sec is endless).

I try with “systemctl restart webmin” and got “Warning: webmin.service changed on disk. Run ‘systemctl daemon-reload’ to reload units” so i run “systemctl daemon-reload”. Now it looks ok and Webmin part of CP loads without any problem.

Did you make some changes what would trigger systemd to show that warning or it could be some bug with systemd itself. It would be nice to know this information.

I didn’t see this behavior on any of my test systems (an Ubuntu 16.04 and several CentOS 7 systems). Webmin still uses an initscript, by default (though that’ll change this year, for Linux systems), so the only thing I can think that would cause this is if the /etc/init.d/webmin file had been modified since installation and then was changed during the upgrade. I guess maybe even the date of the file could cause that message; might not even require actual changes in the file.

It is probably harmless. But, I don’t think either behavior is expected. We’ve had a variety of bug reports about the last couple of Webmin versions that I haven’t been able to reproduce, so it’s kinda tricky to troubleshoot and correct/prevent them. The issues with 1.830 seemed to only happen if CSF is installed on the system (which I don’t use, anywhere, so I didn’t see it). The issue you’re seeing may be something about your system that I don’t have on any of mine. I’m not really sure! Hopefully, the next batch problems people have will be ones that happen to me, too, so I can spot them before we roll out the packages to everyone!

Its Centos 7.3 on OpenVZ virtualization and no files were changed for Webmin so whatever was must be from the update.