Webmin 1.540, where is the update?

I’ve noticed Webmin 1.540 has been out for a little while now, but there are no available updates.

Does it take a while to appear in the virtualmin repo for debian?

Or am I supposed to download the package from webmin? and update manually?


It looks like Webmin 1.540 is in the Debian GPL repository. If you type “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade”, are you prompted with an upgrade for Webmin?


Nothing, also checked with aptitude, and that finds no updates available either.

I just looked at the packages list and its not in there. Seems they have uploaded the package file without updating the list.

The latest usermin seems to be missing too.

Will there be any problem if I add the webmin repositories and update from that?

double post

I passed along the issue to Joe… but feel free to open up a bug report regarding that.

Hopefully he’ll have that resolved shortly :slight_smile: