webmin 1.530 and virtualmin 3.82

I know how to update webmin without a virtualmin installation (module webmin upgrade).

But virtualmin doesn’t notify about the webmin 1.5.30 update. This is probably because webmin 1.5.30 has not been tested with vm 3.82 gpl? Or should VM notify about the wm 1530 updates already? Or may be this is only a Virtualmin pro feature? And I have to download the webmin package manually?

I also read

PS installed virtualmin 3.82 with install.sh on CentOS 5.5.

I just reinstalled CentOS and Virtualmin, but still only webmin 1.5.20 :slight_smile: So I guess there is a bug in the installer or Virtualmin is not compatible with 1.5.30 yet?

So I guess this remains a mystery how to update vm-webmin to 1.5.30?


Relax. There is no bug. There is no problem. New Webmin releases get additional testing before going into the Virtualmin.com yum and apt repositories.

Unless there is a specific bug that effects you in Webmin 1.520, there is no reason to freak out about not having 1.530. Everything is fine. :wink:


If there is any software I am relaxed, then it would be Virtualmin. Top quality!)