Webmin 1.510 and Usermin 1.440 updates

Howdy all,

Coinciding roughly with the Virtualmin release, I also rolled in the latest versions of Webmin and Usermin (it’s still not in the GPL Debian/Ubuntu repos, but will be within the next five to ten minutes).

Changes in Webmin since 1.500:

  • Package updates are now fetched more efficiently from YUM and APT.
  • Czech and Brazillian Portuguese updates, thanks to Karel Hudan and Djavan Fagundes respectively.
  • The Webmin RPM now preserves the /etc/webmin directory when un-installed and then re-installed.
  • Added support for creating EXT4 filesystems in the RAID, LVM and disk partitions modules.
  • SATA drives using SCSI emulation on Linux now show up with SATA as the description.
  • Collation order and InnoDB support in the MySQL module.
  • Buttons to rename a chain and move rules in the Linux Firewall module.
  • Disk space monitoring by percentage of free space in the System and Server Status module.
  • Friendler inputs for changing the size of an existing LV in the Logical Volume Management module.
  • Support for new NSEC3 algorithms for DNSSEC in the BIND module.
  • Many more fixes and new features.

And changes in Usermin since 1.430:

  • Links in HTML email are now opened in new windows.
  • When showing the mail list, use the most common character for the page, so subject lines show up correctly.
  • Quick autoreply and forward setup pages now only show un-conditional rules.

As always let us know if you run into any problems with the new versions.

I have to say the best features are…

Restore from uploaded archive and NSEC3 support in bind which I use extensively…