webhosting automation suite

I would like to be able to have clients setup their accounts, pay for them, and then activate them w/o my intervention if i wanted to…:slight_smile:

you’ll need a billing suite that will run the VMPro API to accomplish that. I’ve been working closely with the AWBS software to get then up to speed and have most of the quirks hammered out. But billing is another ballgame and it’s best to allow Joe & Jamie the time and effort to perfect the control panel. :slight_smile:

Dan’s right. Billing and requisitioning is a whole other kettle of fish–as big of a problem as virtual host administration. Jamie codes fast (incredibly fast), but building a billing suite would merely distract us–and probably put arbitrary limits on how you use Virtualmin.

What we have done with Virtualmin, however, is add a complete soup-to-nuts remote and command line API for Virtualmin. Everything in the GUI is accessible from the command line or remotely. So, folks who are good at making billing systems (like AWBS and AgileCo and a couple of others that we’re talking to now) can make those tools work with Virtualmin. Ask your favorite billing application provider to get in touch with us, and we’ll help them make their product work seamlessly with Virtualmin.

The list/create/delete/disable APIs are also available in GPL, which we hope will encourage more app providers to jump on (our current 1000 or so Virtualmin Professional installations might not be a compelling target market, but our tens or hundreds of thousands of Virtualmin GPL users might).

One of the things I plan to write up for the new website documentation is a simple “PayPal Shopping Cart” for Virtualmin. It won’t be useful, as is, but it will show how to easily go from purchase to working domain using the Virtualmin API. It’ll be in a WIKI, so other folks can chime in with versions in different languages, or comment on how they’ve integrated it with their own billing systems.