webdav permissions: uid/gid = apache/apache unexpected

When I do a webdav mount (via NetDrive) on my Windows box, connecting to my Linux server, I note that when I drag files into the mounted folder that they have apache:apache ownership. I expected the ownership to be the same as any file I would upload via ftp: the uid/gid associated with the username.

What do I do to make webdav use the expected uid/gid?

Yeah, webdav is a bit funky that way.

Apache itself runs as apache/apache, but code it executes, if you have the suexec module loaded, will run as the Virtual Server owner.

And as you said, uploading files is done as the uid/gid associated with the FTP username.

So the problem is – dav runs within Apache, and doesn’t actually change uid/gid to match that of your account. It remains apache/apache.

We unfortunately don’t have a way around it – it seems like a mod_dav limitation (or perhaps an Apache module limitation).

In any case, we don’t have a good solution for that :slight_smile: