webalizer geolocation, how to enable?

when I run a webalizer report I get the problem discussed here on the webalizer site’s FAQ -

"7a. Why does the country section show only 100% unresolved?

Most likely because your web server is not doing name lookups and simply logging IP addresses. In order to determine the top level domain of the remote site, the program needs a resolved hostname, not an IP address. The simple fix is to just turn on name lookups on your web server so it starts logging names. Otherwise, you can pre-process your logs with something like the logresolve program supplied with apache or similar utilities, or you can use the Webalizers built in DNS lookup code (see 7b below). Another alternative is to enable the geolocation services, which will lookup the geographic location of IP addresses. You can use either the Webalizers native geolocation support (GeoDB) which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, or optionally, GeoIP support from MaxMind Inc. While geolocation support will give you accurate country information, other aspects of the analysis may suffer, such as search string analysis (which depends on resolved hostnames to identify the various search engines). "

If only I knew how to turn on name lookups I’d be further ahead. Anyone?

There are a couple of ways to get that info to Webalizer. The best is probably to enable DNS lookups in /etc/webalizer.conf. Uncomment and configure the DNSCache and DNSChildren directives. At least, I think that’s all you need to do. It’s been a while since I’ve poked at Webalizer.

yes, thanks Joe, that worked. Also I found a good FAQ on the webalizer site - http://www.webalizer.org/faq.html, question 7 specifically.