Webalizer directory /stats isn't password-protected by default

Just a quick note for people who don’t already know it:

Webalizer directory /stats isn’t password-protected by default

You can password-protect it by] System Settings] Server Templates] Default Settings] Apache Website] Password-protect statistics? YES

FWIW, I know that it currently defaults to open by design, but I also think that it should be protected by default. I think that most new virtual server owners don’t realize that it is open, and then when they find out, they want to protect it. Unfortunately, it is often too late or too difficult at this point to take back the info that has already spilled out to other sites, including possible links from Google, cached content, etc.

I think the majority of website owners want this information to be private, and it’s much easier to open it up than to try to close it afterwards.

I am on the same page as you Alan.

I have filed a bug report, but Jamie thinks otherwise.

Update Notes for
virtual-server version 3.40

"The stats web directory is now password-protected by default."