Warning! Package updates require reboot... Not so sure

Hi everyone I’m not so sure that does it means the following screen shot
OS version:Screenshot 2021-04-19 143416

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A reboot is required to be performed, that’s what the notification says.

If you click on the orange / gold button captioned Reboot Now, your system will reboot. When it comes up again, that notification will disappear.

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It probably shouldn’t be quite so pushy or alarming sounding. It just means you updated your kernel (or some automated process updated your kernel), and you need to reboot to apply that change.

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Is this something like a WordPress plugin that needs an update? After I reboot the web browser says “this site can’t be reached” which basically I cannot access my Virtualmin account.

My system also crashed 2 days before after the recent update. It was CentOS 7.
Then I reinstalled CentOS. Did yum update. Installed virtuamin and set it up. After that in the dashboard, got the message “Reboot”, clicked on that and then the server is not rebooting again.

What!? No. This is about your OS kernel. It literally has nothing to do with Virtualmin. Virtualmin is just telling you about it, because it keeps up with the state of packages.


Again, the kernel is not related to Virtualmin. Virtualmin is just telling you that your kernel has been upgraded to a new one. Virtualmin did not install the kernel, nor is it involved in configuring it. If something went wrong, it was the package provided by your OS that went wrong.

So, figure out why upgrading your kernel is failing on reboots. You’ll likely have to see the screen during the boot to know why.

Got it! but now I have a bigger problem! I cannot access my Virtualmin account, it says “this site cannot be reached” How can I get access again?

You said your machine didn’t reboot successfully, though? If the system isn’t running, it can’t possibly have Virtualmin running.

Or is it accessible via ssh but not Virtualmin?

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Oh, wait, nevermind. I’m mixing up two different problems. This is why I need people to stay on topic!

If you can reach your system via ssh, you can see if Webmin is running with systemctl status webmin, and see why it failed to start, if it did, by looking in the /var/webmin/miniserv.error log. And, you can maybe start it with systemctl restart webmin.

This is what it shows,

Normally you know how everybody accesses their own Virtualmin now I cannot because I reboot, and I’m out of my Virtualmin account!

I’ve already told you what you need to do.

[quote=“Joe, post:10, topic:110393”]
systemctl status webmin

I did what you told me and this is the outcome

@Joe my system is accessible via ssh but not via Virtualmin, I am a small entrepreneur who’s just getting started, if you could help me I would really appreciate it

Hello @Fabrix, the community is there to help and support each other.

Echoing what Joe has suggested earlier, login via ssh and type the following at the command line:

sudo service webmin restart

Then try and access Virtualmin in the usual manner, it should work. If not, start a new topic here and we will try and assist.

@unborn Yes I’m out of Virtualmin, I’m trying to figure out a solution, although I am not an expert

@Fabrix I can see that you did restarted services from last two line of your command prompt and there was no issue = terminal did not said anything back to you = service is running as mean to. - did you try to even log into web interface?

What’s this I see about “Welcome to DIgital Ocean’s One-Click WordPress Droplet”. Did you install Virtualmin after WordPress was installed on the server? That probably won’t do. Virtualmin’s documentation states that Virtualmin must be installed on a freshly installed OS, so your install on a server which already has WordPress is a deviation from this requirement.

I am not aware of any install of Virtualmin which has been successfully installed on a droplet such as the one you are using and I doubt if the system will operate normally if at all.

You should comply with the Virtualmin documentation and install Virtualmin on a server with a freshly install OS - that is, a server which has just the OS installed and nothing else, not WordPress, not Apache, not Nginx, nothing.

@calport Yes you have got the point, basically, I came to know about Virtualmin after I had already installed WordPress in the droplet, this, as you say, is a deviation, however, it was working earlier, just by doing a reboot this problem has occurred, of course now I cannot remove my WordPress website from the server, do you have any suggestion? or maybe I can backup the site somewhere else and restart the server and installing Virtualmin from scratch.

Those are the sorts of quirks that you can expect to experience with a non-standard installation of Virtualmin. There is no way to predict what will work and what will not if you install Virtualmin on a server which already has services installed and configured the way someone at DO sees fit.

That would be best and I suggest you do this so that you avail yourself a standard Virtualmin install that works normally and one which can be supported by the official documentation and the community.