Warning - errors were found in this domain's DNS records : NS record ns1.dnsmonkey.rocks. cannot be resolved to an IP address

Yes, another one :slight_smile:

I’ve googled first and found several threads already but either they were answered real techie or there was no solution.

When I checked the DNS records of a domain I added it gives the error from the title and I don’t know why.

DNS lookup and GTmetrix can’t find my nameserver but maybe that’s because I changed them from the old one to the new one.

Everything works fine, the site is online, FTP is working etc but just wondering why it’s giving that error.

Also had some installation issues when I added server.dnsmonkey.rocks and the ns1 and ns2 said it didn’t exist but read in an other thread to just skip the test. When I did that, twice it disconnected and could be resolved but after the second install I just restarted Virtualmin through the terminal and that seemed to work.

Also, i can only log through IP:10000 and not server.dnsmonkey.rocks.

Some assistance would be appreciated.


You need to set up HOST records at the registrar of dnsmonkey.rocks for ns1 and ns2.


But I did this.

Did you “allow-query { any; };” in /etc/bind/named.conf.options ? I get “REFUSED” when trying to query ns1 at the IP.

Ofc I did not :slight_smile: I followed the installation video on YT from virtualmin and did exactly the same. Worked for him without what you described so why not for me?

Can you tell me exact command how to do the thing you said.

Thank you

The is no directory named.conf.options btw.