Want to cancel the subscription immediately and not able to see cancel button

Not getting the cancel button following your FORUM

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Hello and welcome.
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I think what you might be looking for is an “unsubscribe” button?
I cannot find it either so I guess the forum is so sad to see folk leave that such a thing has not ever been thought of.
I do not know the Forum Software that is being used, if you could find that, it may have a default link for that purpose.

This forum software is discourse, to unsubscribe just got to your usercp (hamburger menu) and unsubscribe from there. If the OP wants their forum account removed I would guess that is a job for a forum admin to do, if that’s the case you would email staff for removal

Not in my Hamburger menu. (I also looked in “My Account”) but not there either there must be a link in there somewhere but I cannot find it.

I think you have to be mod or admin level to do this. The software does some cleaning of unused accounts in the background but the user has posted. Too many posts, I forget the exact number, and even a mod can’t delete the everything.

But this is mainly a non issue. Don’t want the account, just don’t use it.

To that I would agree (and I hasten to add it is not my problem) !

It is more the general “good internet behaviour” I have seen on other forums and yes even on discourse itself (at least their website) an unsubscribe link is provided.
Of course that may not delete existing posts (I would even hope not as any post may be relevant to future/current users) it should not require either staff or moderator intervention. (that would be true if it were spam) It is a privacy policy issue and possibly even a GDPR issue. It is possible to subscribe to the forum to enter personal information so it should be possible to unsubscribe.

The forum software also sends notification emails out to the subscriber. (which could also be ignored or directed to spam box) but again not the most polite way of handling forum or internet activity

Unsubscribe is not delete my account.

I think we are forgetting though that this is a general account that also is used for paid services. Maybe that is the OP’s concern.

Sure but I took the shout of “FORUM” literally it was my interpretation of “cancel” to mean “unsubscribe”
“cancel my licence/payment” would be more appropriate for a paid service would it not? and possibly dealt with by a different mechanism. (under “billing” perhaps)

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