Want to buy cloudmin


I am considering upgrading to Cloudmin pro, I just want to make sure it can do the following things for me

  1. I buy VPS from different hosting companies. They are on KVM , virtuiza openvz and xenserver.

Will I be able to manage all these different vps through single webmin? Will we be able to login to these vps through console, start sop them? and perform shell commands

  1. If not 1, i also have virtualmin runnin on all these servers. Will i be able to manage all virtualmin through this single webmin? Can i add a new domain to any of these virtual min? and do anything remotely that I would otherwise have to login to perform?

Probably not. If you’re getting your virtual machines from a VPS provider, it is probably not something that Cloudmin can directly control (many don’t provide API access to that sort of thing, and many that do are not supported by Cloudmin). We currently have support for AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloudmin’s virtual machine management is generally targeted to the use case of having hardware on-prem or in colo and using it to host some number of virtual machines (managed by Cloudmin, with KVM, Xen, etc.).

Yes. All Cloudmin Pro licenses include Cloudmin Connect, which allows managing any number of Virtualmin servers (no matter what they’re running on).

But, if you don’t directly manage your virtual machines (i.e. you buy them from various VPS providers and those providers have their own UI for managing them) you may just need/want Cloudmin Connect, instead of one of the other Cloudmin offerings. Cloudmin Connect is just for managing Virtualmin servers with no virtual machine management capabilities (and is cheaper than the other Cloudmin products).

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