Vps with multiple ip

I have a vps with 10 public ip’s + 1 domain name.
What i am trying to do is to create 10 subdomain name and to assign to every subdomain a dedicated ip.
Specially for smtp. for example: - a.example.com - b.example.com - c.example.com

And when a mail user
test@a.example.com send a email the outgoing smtp ip to be , and i s a user test@b.example.com send a mail , the outgoing smtp ip to be etc.

Any help for this?


It sounds like you may be after sender dependent outgoing email. That process is described here:


I can not find " Send outgoing email for domain from IP" on Server Configuration -> Email Setting


What Virtualmin version are you using there?

And what distro/version are you using?


Get it, i am reinstalling from zero, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

It is ok 1.770?

is postfix is yet on mail_version = 2.6.6 version


Unfortunately, your Postfix version doesn’t support that feature.

It requires Postfix 2.7 or higher.

Is it an option to use a Linux distribution that comes with a more recent Postfix version?


I am usign centos 6.7, do you have any suggestion? Or how to upgrade postfix?


The version of Postfix that comes with CentOS 6 unfortunately does not support the feature you are after.

There isn’t a supported way to upgrade Postfix – the only way to do that would be to use a Postfix version from a third party repository, and doing that is likely to cause problems.

So our recommendation is migrate to another distribution/version that includes the Postfix version you need.


Solved with ubuntu 14.04.
thank you for your support :slight_smile: