VPS server wont reboot and back ONLINE!

Hi. I got already third time this…

I am using Linux ubuntu 18.04 LTS. And Virtualmin as I WEB virtualization. I don’t know what happening, but after writing in ssh console “reboot” VPS does not “coming” online. I tried STOP vps and START it just wont to get back online. I am really sad of this… I am working few days on server and it everything messing up to me, i am loosing my time and nerves really. :slight_smile: Thanks god this time I made a VPS server snapshot.

I am not good at linux. So kindly asking may be You can tell me what i doing wrong, or what happening cause that issue?

Can you ping your domain and your IP or nothing happens?

Also, does your VPS control panel have an option to VNC into your server from the control panel? If so, try that to see if you can login to your server.

i dont think installing virtualmin actually triggered that. Rebooting a linux VPS isnt really necessary in 95% of the cases.
Try what @stuckinthehouse said, otherwise you need to provide more detailed information.

I just simple left ubuntu server, and took debian. that one is much better for me (I could say webs working faster than linux ubuntu 18 lts). :slight_smile:
When i tried ping to my vps IP it responded to me. But i could not connect to it. anyway now everythink is ok. 30 time reboot in ssh and lol it still works on debian 10. lol

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