VPS providers unmanaged and managed

Do you know any reliable providers of unmanaged and managed VPS with a good quality-price ratio? I am interested in European VPS, preferably unmanaged. If links to their websites can be posted on the forum, great; otherwise, please contact me privately.


We have a couple of VMs in Europe hosted with Scaleway. I don’t have any serious complaints. They’re reasonably reliable, reasonably fast, and reasonably priced. Support is OK.

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I’m testing Hetzner in the initial phase and I’m really enjoying it.
You should evaluate.

I’ve been a user of Hetzner for 15 odd years and wouldn’t keep my production stuff anywhere else.

For 20+ years I’m using ionos.de and became a customer of ionos.co.uk a couple of years ago. Very pleased with both, service and support.

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Hetzner Cloud products in Ashburn, Virginia, and Hillsboro, Oregon, run on our own Hetzner servers in the data center parks of third parties in the USA.

Thank you for all the input. I’m now installing Virtualmin on a VPS from Hetzner. It looks promising. But they are blocking port 25, so no mail server…

Do you know if there is a way to unblock port 25?

You’ll want to contact them to have port 25 unblocked.

I just did, and I’m waiting for a reply, but in their documentation I can see:

Unfortunately, email spammers and scammers like to use cloud hosting providers. And we at Hetzner naturally want to prevent this. That’s why we block ports 25 and 465 by default on all cloud servers. This is a very common practice in the cloud hosting industry because it prevents abuse. We want to build trust with our new customers before we unblock these mail ports. Once you have been with us for a month and paid your first invoice,

I had to top up my account and I sent a document with my VAT number, and they block me in advance? It doesn’t make sense to punish a new customer because others have used their VPS to send spam. If anything, it should be the opposite.

If they don’t unblock it, I hope for a refund, but no one will give me back the hours lost trying to figure out why the mail wasn’t working.

Not sure how they can trust new customers sorry, they deal with alot of new customer a day.
They do this because new customers spam.

After a month of use and the first payment is made, request the unlock.

I understand their need to prevent spam, but this approach punishes legitimate new customers. I’ve had VPS with Liquid Web, Known Host, Aruba Cloud, and some other providers, and I’ve never been blocked for spam, either in advance or afterward.

I find it absurd that they block me even before I start using the service. This forces me to consider canceling and requesting a refund because it’s obvious I can’t pay for a service that doesn’t work for my needs. I’m not an expert, but if they block those ports, a mail server won’t function properly.

As good a reason as any for not using them. There are plenty of others out there who do not have this sort of nonsense.

A lot of (serious) hosting providers are acting like this. This isn’t uncommon. They unblock port 25 upon request. If Hetzner decides to wait a month or so, there’s nothing you can do about, I reckon.

They actually responded to my request and unblocked the port, so now the VPS works as expected.

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If you are looking for email, you should probably stay away from any budget provider like Hetzner or in similar price ranges. 90% of traffic I see from Hetzner is malicious, so it’s not only a spam issue with their IP’s, but their IP’s are blacklisted as DoS attacks, spyware, port scanning, just everything…,

Alot of IT and companies actually block Hetzner ranges entirely. The same is true for OVH. Between those two, they drive most of the Internet’s malicious traffic. I would use them for testing, backups, hobbies, personal stuff, but for a production or business I would seriously consider paying a bit more. Note than any serious provider will screen the customer first before letting them into their network, exactly to avoid having the reputation as such low entry companies.

I would include, in addition to these two, Contabo, where I stayed for more than two years and suddenly lost all 10 active websites, without responding to my demands about the fact. As everything is backed up it was easy to restore to another hosting.
You may be confused, at Hetzner, all company and personal documentation was requested to open the account.
They are very careful with unprofessional activities that may cause danger to customers.
How do you know all the IPs assigned to them that are on the blacklist? Is there a specific list?
Did you know that Hetzer has colocated servers on AWS, and it recently added new locations in Ashburn, Virginia and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA)?
It doesn’t seem like they have any problems if they have been accepted by AWS.

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