VPN for use with iOS 16.x.x

OS type and version Centos 7
Virtualmin version 7.1

I would like to set up a VPN tunnel from my Virtualmin managed Centos 7 box to my iPhone running 16.1.1.

iOS gives me 3 options for VPN types: IKEv2, IPSec and L2TP.

What is the proper way to set up a VPN server on the Centos machine using Webmin/Virtualmin that will work with one of these tunnel types?


Virtualmin has nothing to do with VPNs.

Which protocol you choose on the client depends on which VPN software you’re using on the server.

As far as I know, Webmin does not have a module for any modern/maintained VPN server, so you’ll be configuring it from the command line, most likely. StrongSwan offers all three of the types you’ve mentioned, as far as I know. I use OpenVPN for my own stuff, but it does not offer any of the above protocols.

Thanks for clarifying Virtualmin’s role, Joe. I saw an IPSec unused module in Webmin and thought there was a tie in.

Appreciate the tip about StrongSwan as well.

As a newbie, this information is helpful.

We’ll remove that module. FreeSwan has been unmaintained for nearly 20 years, and obviously should not be used.

Yeah. That seemed pretty old to me and I have only begun to research things. Thanks.