Vote for Webmin in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards

Howdy all,

We did it! We got enough nominations to make it into the final round of voting for the SourceForge Community Choice Awards for the “Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins” category.

Now, we have to get the most votes between now and July 20th. We’re going to have a table at OSCON this year, and we’ll be sorely disappointed if we don’t bring home the trophy…or whatever it is we win…for Webmin. :wink:

We’ve got some stiff competition, but Webmin has come in second or third every year since the inception of the CCA, and I think this year we’ve got a bigger community, a more active community, and a better Webmin than ever. We can take the #1 spot.

So, head on over and be counted:

There’s also a lot of other great Open Source software to check out, so voting can be a fun and informative few minutes of your day.