VMPro and Advance Webhost Billing System (AWBS)

I see in the features list of this billing software it will work with VMPro, but you cannot run it on the same server?

quoted from AWBS Website www.awbs.com
Virtualmin Pro Edition - yes
Create, Suspend, Unsuspend, Delete, Upgrade/Downgrade accounts automatically.
Note: AWBS cannot provision VM accounts if AWBS and VM reside on the same server (This is due to Virtualmin code, not AWBS limitations.).

Does this still stand true and if so, are there work arounds? Just doesnt make sense to have a separate server to run your billing software?


Separate web server. Not necessarily a separate physical server, though most of our customers do have many servers, and don’t keep billing details on the same system that provides hosting service. Virtualized systems work, as well.

The reason for this is that Virtualmin sometimes needs to restart Apache. Since AWBS runs under Apache, and it loses state when Apache is restarted, it doesn’t know whether a virtual server creation action worked when that happens. Virtualmin only restarts Apache under a few specific circumstances–SSL, new IP, module changes–but we’d still recommend running AWBS under an independent server unless you know you won’t be using the billing system to perform actions that required a hard restart of Apache.

Virtualmin has its own web server, and so is able to do things that control panels that run under Apache can’t do safely (like restart Apache!).

Thanks Joe… I have 2 web servers for hosting at present and both are running VMPro… I also own a license for HELM but I am not using at present… it was really buggy when I tried it last… what I was thinking then of doing was using Helm for windows hosting on a new machine and running the billing software on it…

One more question if you dont mind… I need to move my unlimited license to the machine that now houses the 250 domain license… is that possible?

Thanks a million!!!


Never mind Joe… that was too easy… simple file edit…
Thanks anyway…