VM7 GPL upgrade button

OS type and version Deb 10
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.04 gpl
Related packages Nil

Hi Guys

Just a tip,

VM7 now has a suggested upgrade to VM pro on the status page which is great but the ONLY option is “Ill think about it”

May I suggest you have a second option that actually takes me to the page to buy VM pro.



I thought it did link to the shop. It did for years…so, must be a regression of some sort.

Thanks for the heads up! We do have a link to buy Virtualmin Pro:

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Wow … so you do … Its so small I missed it …

Give it a real button, like the Thanks Ill think about it :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a good suggestion. Will do.

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I have added it for upcoming release. It will look better and be more visible.


It also makes sense to add a postpone button for a user:


I think that looks great!

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Nice … now its looks classy …


Awesome @Ilia

It looks pretty good now.
When I did the update, I read it, but I haven’t seen the Virtualmin Pro link in the message.

Thank you, all, for your warm feedback!

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