VM warns massively about Centos 7.9

Operating system: Centos
OS version: 7.9 latest

Dear Virtualmin “officials”,
I am really confused as to why VM warns me massively that I am using an old OS with Centos 7.9 and ask me with big banner to update… I am afraid to accidentally do that, with all the problems Red Hat is giving Centos 8 users is giving now…
and i do not underatnd this warning: to my knowledge 7.9 is supported till 2024, so why showing the risky alarm?

Happy New Year and thanks for this great software!


What on earth are you talking about? We don’t tell you to update to CentOS 8.

You updated from a previous minor version of CentOS 7, and Webmin is still set to that old version. This doesn’t say anything about CentOS 8.

HI Joe, ah ok, thx … am relieved…was really scared of accidentally hitting that update button (you do sometimes by accident what you abolutely try to avoid) and really mess everything up… ok thx… understood!

Happy New Year!!


There is no way to accidentally upgrade the OS to another major version in Virtualmin or Webmin.

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