VM Support Module

I have this installed but I can’t find where it is.
I looked under tab virtualmin as well as webmin…?

Also the "Make available to master admin" for the "Disabled scripts" in the script installer…
when I enable this then it goes to a ERROR - Page not found.

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you

Same for me here. I cannot see it anywhere.


For your first query…

Webmin—> Webmin—>Virtualmin Technical Support


thanks cyrus
the link showed itself now.
per haps it was a bit timid before :slight_smile:

When first installed, it’ll only show up for “root” (and that’s probably the sensible thing, anyway, since you have to have an account at Virtualmin.com for the ticket filing to work). It’ll soon find its way into the System Information page, by default, but, we’re just testing it out now and getting a bit more user feedback on it.