VM stops operating sporadically, must be turned off and then on again

Guys, I have an issue that’s been happening lately and I can’t find the reason it’s happening. I am currently hosting on a DigitalOcean Droplet and lately VM stops operating sporadically. When I try to login I get Page Not Found, and the only way to fix it, is by turning droplet on and off. When that happens, Postfix stops working as well and then I’d have to go and re-install SSL Certificates in order to get it working again. Has anyone experience this, is this a bug?.. Thanks in advance.

C7 Operating system:
OS version:

If webmin stops, it can be restarted with:
sudo service webmin restart

This commend would save you the trouble of turning the droplet / VPS off and then back on again and might even preserve SSL certificates which are disappearing when you turn off and turn on the VPS.

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Great. TY Cal. But, would there be a reason for this issue happening?.

Why does webmin stop, what causes it to terminate unexpectedly you ask. The logs would tell you; but if I were to hazard a guess, it is usually the OOM killer which is the culprit.



Thanks. I just saw I need memory…

See here, if you’ll be running Virtualmin on a low-memory system: Virtualmin on Low Memory Systems | Virtualmin

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Thank you Joe.

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