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Guys, I’m trying to create a mailing list in VM Mailman Mailing Lists but, I got this error and can’t find any info on it. Does anyone know how to create a list?. Thanks
The mailman program /usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman was not found on your system.

c7Operating system:
OS version:

You have to install the mailman package.

But, based on your other posts you’re trying to send bulk mail, which is not the purpose of mailman.

Thanks Joe. Is there a way to send a list of 25K?..

That’s not my area of expertise. There are tools like PoMMo (poMMo - The post modern Mass Mailer download | SourceForge.net), which are intended for that sort of thing. And, there are SaaS tools like Constant Contact and Mailchimp which are what most pros are using for their marketing mail (and those services have the benefit of handling bounces and deliverability in ways a regular DIYer probably can’t). Virtualmin Pro used to have an installer for PoMMo, but I’m not sure if it does currently (if a script has been unmaintained for a while we drop support for safety reasons).

Sending thousands of emails and having them arrive reliably and without getting your mail server immediately blacklisted for bulk sending is challenging, even for legitimate mail to users who signed up. (Which I assume you’re talking about. Sending to unsolicated recipients is illegal in many jurisdictions, and a specialized black or grey market industry. Definitely not my area of expertise and I wouldn’t help anyone do it, even if it were.)

Great, TY… They’re from individuals that have signed up to receive information, but thank you.

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