VM are moved but not revoverd as running

OS type and version centos7
Webmin version 1.994
Cloudmin version 9.6Pro

Hi i have alot of vm’s running and when i move one vm to another server i can see:

  1. vm’s state are saved
  2. the vm is moved without copy of images (nfs storage)
  3. the state of the vm is not recoverd, the last state is running.
  4. the vm is stopped :frowning:

So why can the system not recover the last state via saved processes ?

I have a brand new nfs shared storrage

Do you mean you want to preserve the actually running in-memory state when a VM is moved?

Hi i think the process state and the memory state are not saved and when the vm is moved to the new host its listet as down. But it should resume the saved processes and memory.

Do you mean that the VM isn’t re-started on the new host after being moved off?

yes, i have try this with a iscsi storage and when i move a running vm:

  1. the runningng vm are saved
  2. then the vm moved to the new server
  3. storage are not moved (iscsi)
  4. the vm resume the processes and memory and comes in the running state
    so the vm are not shuttetdown or restartet, when i move a running vm the vm will be saved and resume after move. This process are faster as shutdown and startup.
    The process are not working with a nfs storage, it hangs on point 4.

Can you post the output you see in Cloudmin when you move a VM that’s using NFS storage?

Also, is the NFS storage mounted in the same location and from the same server on both systems?

after this i have to shotdown the vm and start again.

Have you tried accessing the VM via the graphical console feature in Cloudmin after the move?

no i can’t the vm is down

The “ping failed” status doesn’t mean it is down though - just that networking isn’t up. It should still be possible to access the console.

no i cannt access the vnc console, connection refused, i have to start this vm again.
where is the process state file saved ?

Process state gets stored in a temp file that’s copied across before starting the VM on the new system.

Which KVM versions are you running on the old and new host systems?

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