Vm 7.1-1 pro and ksplice

OS type and version ubuntu 18.04.6
Virtualmin version vm 7.1-1 pro

I have an app that fails when the server is rebooted to apply security patches. Is there a documented workaround? I’ve been thinking about ksplice but see no reference in the docs, please advise

Documented workaround to what?

I don’t know about ksplice, but I’ve been using KernelCare for a long time without issue. It’s not supported in Virtualmin, but it does work. I basically just ignore non-critical kernel updates for a few hours to a day or two until they’re patched by KernelCare.

Sometime Igor’s patches come out before the distro’s. I have no idea how he pulls that off. Other times I wake up to an email from the server that there’s a kernel update, but by the time I log in it’s been patched already.

I think it’s a good product, especially at ~ USD $3.00 / month. Official Webmin / Virtualmin support would be nice, but it’s easy enough to just defer the non-security updates.


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