Virutalmin Weekend Warrior FAIL

Hello everyone, and thank you for taking a second to look at this. Last weekend Feb 16,17th I made a second attempt to work with Virtualmin, and I learned a ton! First let me thank everyone who has contributed to the knowledge base whether in these forums or abroad.

Now, this is interesting, I got very far, but at last where I ran out of time and effort, was trying to import a Wordpress Clone file from another server. Some background:

Virtualmin GPL 3.98 on Amazon Linux AMI

Once I had it working, I was accessing my Wordpress from a long ass URL:

Seems like pulling the clone file from another server over the http port was just too much configuring for my little brain to handle.

I have since Terminated the Instance, but I am going to try again! Question: Do you think I should stop trying to work with sites before the DNS is resolving correctly? I was hoping to instigate a live testing sandbox, so that I could push and pull sites from around the web.

Thank you!