virutal web site - NEWBIE

Hi all

Please endure my ignorance with Linux, Apache and Virtualmin.

I’m trying to get two different servers running befind the one firewall and IP address which is dynamically controlled by dyndns.

The Windows Server 2003 works just fine. But I want the linux box to pick up specific web sites, I’ve been advised to use port forwarding which through dyndns they call myWebHop.

So any calls to:

are redirected to

So I’ve set that up and they are happy with it from their end but say I need to set it up my end.

So I’ve opened port 82 and pointed it at the linux box’s IP address through my local firewall.

Then I created a New Virtual Server with Virtualmin called

But still external traafic is not be ing directed or resolved corrected.?

All calls to the domains going to port 80 are working as they are being picked up by IIS on the Windwos Server,

Suggestions walks through locations anything?


p.s.:I meant to say I changed the IP address from 80 to 82 in the Wevserver admin.

Hey Colin,

You’ve got a lot of tricky bits going on there. :wink:

First up, see if traffic is actually making it to your Linux box.

I like wireshark for this purpose (you’ll need to install this application–you didn’t mention you distribution, so I can’t advise you on how to do that). From the command line, logged in as root, run this:

tethereal port 82

Or, if you don’t have the tethereal command:

tshark port 82

Then try to hit your website. If you see some stuff flying by on the console…you’ve got network connectivity.

If you don’t see anything, then you don’t. Either the router or the remote proxy is incorrectly configured.